Off-White x Air Presto ‘The Ten’ Replica


The Off-White x Air Presto was released as part of ‘The Ten’ — a collaborative capsule from Virgil Abloh and Nike exploring ten classic silhouettes through two distinct themes: ‘Revealing,’ featuring hand-cut and reconstructed builds, and ‘Ghosting,’ characterized by translucent uppers.

Off-White x Air Presto 'The Ten' Replica

The Off-White x Air Presto ‘The Ten’ is a significant piece in the groundbreaking collaboration between Nike and Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, which reimagined ten classic Nike silhouettes. This reinterpretation of the Air Presto, a sneaker already famed for its comfort and innovation, infuses it with the distinctive industrial and deconstructive aesthetic that marks the Off-White brand.

The design features a creative take on the Air Presto’s iconic look, incorporating an exposed approach with an emphasis on structure and utility. It features a black mesh upper that provides a breathable, sock-like fit, contrasted starkly with a large white Swoosh that is unmissable against the dark backdrop. One of the most striking features is the silhouette’s unique take on branding, showcasing “AIR” quotes at the heel strap, which encapsulates Abloh’s flair for framing and elevation of everyday elements into highlighted focal points.

Additional distinctive elements include the red zip tie and the orange tab, which have become synonymous with Off-White’s transformative approach to design. The sneaker’s lacing system is also revamped, utilizing a minimalist, utilitarian-style lace that adds to the industrial vibe, while the original supportive and adaptive elements of the Presto are maintained, ensuring that the sneaker remains as comfortable as it is stylish.

The Off-White x Air Presto ‘The Ten’ transcends typical sneaker culture, offering both a unique style statement and a reflection on contemporary design philosophies. It challenges the norms of sneaker aesthetics while respecting the original integrity and purpose of the footwear it redesigns.

For sneaker enthusiasts and collectors, the Off-White x Air Presto ‘The Ten’ is not just a shoe; it’s a piece of fashion history. It represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of sneaker design, where functionality meets high fashion under the visionary direction of Virgil Abloh. Owning a pair is a way to celebrate the legacy of a designer who redefined the boundaries between different fashion genres, making this sneaker a must-have for those who appreciate the art of footwear.


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Off-White x Air Presto 'The Ten' Replica Off-White x Air Presto 'The Ten' Replica
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