Dunk Low Premium SB ‘Blue Lobster’ Replica


Designed in collaboration with New England retailer Concepts, the Dunk Low Premium SB ‘Blue Lobster’ takes inspiration from the crustacean of the same name, featuring a Nightshade leather base with speckled Dark Slate overlays. Special details include a blue and white plaid pattern on the lining and an elastic band wrapped around the forefoot—a nod to the traditional safety measure used to secure lobster claws.

  • Release Date
  • Colorway:Nightshade/Dark Slate
  • All details are correct.
  • Original shoe box, double protection box.
  • Shipping time is 7-14 days.

dunk-low-premium-sb-'blue-lobster'-replica dunk-low-premium-sb-'blue-lobster'-replica dunk-low-premium-sb-'blue-lobster'-replica dunk-low-premium-sb-'blue-lobster'-replica

The Dunk Low Premium SB ‘Blue Lobster’ is a continuation of Nike SB’s aquatic-themed collaborations, diving deeper into the ocean’s depths to bring sneaker enthusiasts a creation that’s as elusive and coveted as the creature it’s named after. This sneaker combines the thrill of the hunt with the beauty of the sea, featuring a vibrant blue color scheme that mirrors the rare and stunning appearance of blue lobsters. The sneaker’s premium construction and unique backstory make it a prized catch in the world of skateboarding footwear.

Crafted with a combination of plush suede and durable rubber, the ‘Blue Lobster’ upper showcases varying shades of blue, from deep ocean hues to lighter, more aquatic tones, creating a dynamic and textured look. Special details, such as speckled patterns that mimic a lobster’s shell and a picnic tablecloth pattern on the inner lining, add layers of storytelling and attention to detail that are signature elements of Nike SB collaborations.

Equipped with Nike’s Zoom Air technology for responsive cushioning and a padded tongue for added comfort, the Dunk Low Premium SB ‘Blue Lobster’ doesn’t just look good—it’s built to perform. The rubber outsole provides the grip and durability needed for skateboarding, while the unique colorway ensures that these sneakers stand out in any collection.

The Dunk Low Premium SB ‘Blue Lobster’ is more than just a sneaker; it’s a treasure from the deep, waiting to be discovered by those who appreciate the mysteries of the ocean and the craftsmanship of Nike SB.

Dive into the deep with the Dunk Low Premium SB ‘Blue Lobster’ replica. Capture the essence of the ocean and the allure of one of its most elusive creatures with this vibrant and meticulously crafted sneaker. Add a splash of the sea to your collection and make waves wherever you go.


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Dunk Low Premium SB 'Blue Lobster' Replica Dunk Low Premium SB 'Blue Lobster' Replica
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